Calvin Klein Mystery Item


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  • Here’s a secret you can keep.

  • Tucked away in the CheapUndies vault, we have a pile of top-tier designer underwear created by a particularly iconic fashion legend. (Here’s a clue: His first initial is C, and his last initial is K.)

  • Every single item is up for sale, but here’s the catch: You won’t know the style of the underwear until it’s in your hands. Solid low-rise briefs? Patterned trunks? It’s a mystery, friends…

  • With this deal, you leave the color, cut, and style completely up to fate. (We do let you pick out the size. We’re not monsters.)

  • Are we doing this because we all love a good mystery? No. We’re doing this because Brad was supposed to organize all the underwear last night but went barhopping instead. Thanks for that, Brad.

  • Ready to embrace the unknown? May the luck be in your favor!

    (P.S. Don’t let anything come between you and this deal!)

(P.P.S. Fine, it’s Calvin Klein underwear. Item may or may not come in original retail packaging)

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